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After you book an appointment for any of the services listed below, you will receive an email confirmation from  with further information about the documents you will have to provide during the scheduled appointment. All fees have to be paid in cash at the end of an appointment.


We can accept passport applications. Links to the application forms for passports, as well as a list of the documents that have to be presented during the appointment, are available here:  

        Passport for Applicants OVER the age of 18   

        Passport for Applicants UNDER the age of 18 

Please note:

If your family name has changed since your last passport was issued, you may have to submit a name declaration prior to a passport application.  Only after the responsible Standesamt in Germany has made a decision regarding your name declaration can we accept a passport application  in your new name.


- You have married in the US and your US marriage certificate does not indicate that you changed your family name after the wedding.


- You are divorced and the divorce judgment includes the determination that you went back to the family name you had before the wedding. In this event you will have to have the divorce decree recognized in Germany before you can submit a name declaration.  See


- If the parents do not have the same family name or the family name is not shown in the US marriage certificate, they need to submit a name declaration for their first child to select a family name. This selection is binding for all later-born children. The form to register the birth of a German citizen born abroad includes a name declaration. A passport application for the first born child can be submitted only after the German Standesamt has made a decision on the family name.   


Services other than passport applications

We can certify signatures on applications to register a marriage or the birth of a German child born abroad in the German register and on name declarations.You can find more information, including the links to the necessary application forms and a list of the necessary documents, here:  

Registration of a child’s birth 

Registration of a Marriage 

Name Declarations   

Other Services

Please email us at  if you need certifications of other documents to submit in Germany. 

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